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Weed Control and Removal Vancouver

We offer a wide range of services to deal with your weed problems. One of the greatest challenges in landscaping and gardening is weed control.  There is an appropriate saying, "Nature despises a void."  This certainly applies to bare, weed-free soil! What you might not have realized is that weeds can attract and harbor destructive insects. We already knew that weeds compete with desirable plants for water, light and nutrients, but what we learned was that weeds can also provide a home for vectors. A vector can be defined as "an organism that carries pathogens from one host to another."  In this case, pathogens would be destructive plant insects, such as aphids, among others.

Definition Of A Weed
The definition of a weed is "a plant out of place." OK, if that's true, think about this for a second....
If a dandelion is a weed in a home lawn, grass is a weed on a dandelion farm!

Hand Pulling and Digging.
Often the most effective way of weed control. Used on a continues basis this method will keep your planting areas weed free.

Liming and Amending the Soil.
This will negate the environmental conditions that allow the weeds to grow in the first place. It will also make your plants healthier and thrive better eliminating the possibility of weed re-growth.

Dense Planting.
We use this one to block out all light from weeds that might pop up. If the desirable plants are healthy and full there is too much competition for the weeds to grow.

Landscape fabric and mulch to prevent weeds from re-appearing in garden areas. This also gives your planting areas a nice neat look and helps with water evaporation aiding you plants and saving water.

Chemical Weed Control
If we use herbicides the least or non-toxic chemical will be used and only at the customers discretion. Please remember that some individuals are "hypersensitive" to pesticides that cause little to no reaction in other people.

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Brian Ball, Owner of Landscaping Vancouver has been landscaping for the last 9 years. He is a certified Landscape Horticulturist, has a diploma in Business Administration, and is fully insured. This makes all interactions with Landscaping Vancouver a friendly and professional experience. In addition to this, all BCLNA Landscape Standards are followed to ensure the job is done right.

Thank you for you interest in Landscaping Vancouver. If you have any questions regarding our landscaping service, please feel free to call us at: 604-505-6869 or contact us by email.

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