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Grass - Sod - Lawn Installation Vancouver

Vancouver is the perfect place for a new grass or sod installation. You can install a lawn year round in the Lower Mainland but the best and easiest time to install a sod lawn is in the spring and the fall. Contact Landscaping Vancouver today to find out details and prices for new grass at your home or commercial property.

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grass sod lawn Vancouver

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There are 2 different methods used for a new lawn installation around Vancouver.

Sod or Turf grass

People often call this one “instant lawn.” Our crew will come in and clear the area where the sod needs to go, amend the soil with lime and fertilizer, level and roll it flat, fertilize, and lay the lawn. The finished product is nice and level and gives a deep even green. There is no limit to the size or shape of yard we can do in this fashion. The grass can be walked on right away but 3 weeks are recommended before heavy use takes place. Sod can be installed any time of the year in Vancouver; however, if the sod is installed after the middle of November will not root and should not be used until spring when it will root and will grow fine.

Grass Seed Vancouver

Seed lawns are less costly initially but will result in more work than a sod lawn. They do have advantage however. They can adapt to the planting environment perfectly as the lawn seed types that thrive in this certain environment will grow the strongest. For instance if you have a really shady spot seed is recommended over sod installation. In addition to this the initial cost is a bit less. There is a place for seed but we recommend turf for most of our customers as it is only slightly more costly and provides instant satisfaction. Unlike sod, seeds can’t be planted after the middle of September or before spring. It takes anywhere from 3 months to 5 months to fully establish and the soil must be weed free before starting or weeds will come through. Once complete, it will give you a dense lush lawn that will be treated the same as a sod lawn.

Whether you live in Kitsilano, Dunbar, Kerrisdale or anywhere else in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, or Burnaby a new sod lawn will increase your property value as well as give you a nice green space to enjoy. We are able to service all of these areas with quick turnaround time. Please call today for a free estimate 604-505-6869

Brian Ball, Owner of Landscaping Vancouver has been landscaping for the last 9 years. He is a certified Landscape Horticulturist, has a diploma in Business Administration, and is fully insured. This makes all interactions with Landscaping Vancouver a friendly and professional experience. In addition to this, all BCLNA Landscape Standards are followed to ensure the job is done right.

Thank you for you interest in Landscaping Vancouver. If you have any questions regarding our landscaping service, please feel free to contact us by email.

Vancouver landscaping service areas include : Vancouver - Burnaby - Richmond - North Vancouver - West Vancouver

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